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Here's what I know about the Falls at Green Meadows sign at the Avenue D entrance.
Sometime in February after yet another power outage, I reported to FirstService Residential that the fountain in this sign was not functioning. They said they'd look at it.

A month or so later when it still wasn't functioning, I checked back. They said an electrician looked at it and quoted $3,000 to fix it. They thought that was too expensive and were looking for a second opinion.

I asked to see the quote while we waited for the next electrician. The quote said one of the pumps had seized and it would be $3,000 to replace it, or just under $3,000 to cobble together replacement parts. I hypothesized that in this case a seized pump is either from loss of lubrication in a bearing or overheating from running dry (flowing fluid cools the internals).

I crawled behind the sign to look. Sure enough, one of the three pumps was off at the breaker. It should be no surprise that the other two were running dry. Now we know why one pump is seized. I further hypothesize that the pumps are running dry because no one has cleaned the filter.

I asked FSR for their permission to turn off the other two pumps in an effort to save them. No reply. I asked again the next day. No reply. I gave up. The other pumps are probably dead, too.

When we had an Advisory Committee meeting in the Rec Center last month, I asked about the front sign. It seems the story is that the landscaper had been cleaning the filter. They switched contracts to have the pool guy clean the filter. I suspect the pool guy didn't get that memo.

FSR has said they are working on it and want to schedule someone to come look. They promised they would let me know since I was interested. They haven't let me know yet.

Fountain at entrance

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It seems to me that the HOA company is "passing the buck".  They are not taking the responsibility for a solution.  I have been on HOA boards before and it always take the company responsible "forever" to solve a situation and particularly if it costs money.  Have we, as residents, ever gotten a financial report and info about how the HOA dues are spent?   

Pat King-Bennett

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Front sign fountain

Mitch- thanks for going above and beyond on this front sign issue. It's pretty frustrating to know these issues are going on especially when the HOA has time to Send out letters telling us our portable basketball goals have to be put away after 24hours and then threaten to have them removed. Perhaps, if the sightliness of the neighborhood was so important they would get the front sign repaired sooner.  Keeping the community up is a two way street.