Transfer of Governance Document for Annual Meeting (pending date)

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May 25, 2019

Brian Gibson
President of the Homeowner’s Association
The Falls of Green Meadows
550 Greens Parkway Suite 100
Houston, Texas 77067

Dear Mr. Gibson:

I am requesting the contents of this letter regarding the transfer of the governance from the Declarant, or Friendswood Development Corporation to the residents of the Falls of Green Meadows be explained by you at the annual meeting for fiscal year 2020. The current fiscal year ends on June 30, 2019, with no notice for the next annual meeting.
I am referencing the Declaration of Covenants for the Falls of Green Meadows Article IV for my understanding. The general question to you as President is when will Friendswood Development, as the declarant, begin a transition plan to include interested residents on the Board of Directors. Additionally, what is your plan, or the declarant’s plan, to transition the management of the homeowner’s association for the Falls of Green Meadows to the residents. I ask these questions since there remains two sections, eight and nine, for further development and by observation, most of the lots for development in sections 1 to 6 are developed with resident owned homes in place.
The is an important discussion for our next annual meeting for the homeowner’s association for the Falls of Green Meadows. From a business viewpoint, I understand Friendswood Development will retain control of the board of directors for our homeowner’s association until development is nearing completion, for example ninety five percent (95%) of all lots for development are sold. Additionally, I would expect from a line of business viewpoint, that Friendswood Development is not in the homeowner’s association line of business and would release control at development milestone, as mentioned above.
I look forward to your explanation and vision for the transfer of responsibilities for our homeowner’s association at our annual meeting to be conducted in June 2019.

Sincerely yours,

Chris Courter
5931 Green Meadows Lane
Katy, Texas 77493

Keep It Up!

Thanks for keeping their feet to the fire, Chris.

Annual Meeting and other promises not completed

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It is hard for me to believe we are once a month from the end of our current fiscal year with no notice of an annual HOA meeting to approve our budget and assessment. Brian promised to have quarterly meetings with residents and appoint another resident to the board of directors. None of these promises were completed.

Chris Courter

5931 Green Meadows Lane

Katy Texas 77493


HOA meeting

I totally agree with your comment. Brian avoids the Falls members as much as he can. We must continue to voice our concerns.
Thanks for looking out for our neighbors.
Hank Schneider