Mailed Notice to Residents with delinquent assessments due to HOA

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September 27, 2023
Hello, Falls of Green Meadows Homeowners:
The Falls Board of Directors is requesting you pay your homeowner assessment in full
immediately. If you need assistance or a payment plan, please let us know before your delinquent
account is reported to the Credit Agencies.
According to Texas Laws, Homeowners must reach out if you need any type of assistance.
Homeowners should call the Association’s community manager, Cinthia Gordillo, or her assistant
Sarah Carulla, at Chaparral Management, to discuss payment plan options. They can be reached
at (281) 537-0957
This notice will follow the guidelines provided below.
Payment Solutions Initiative 6-STEP PROCESS - The PSI Program is a simplified 6-step process,
each with a flat all-inclusive fee charged to the Association, and subsequently the delinquent
owner’s account.
Step 1: Friendly Reminder 30 Days $10
Step 2: Demand Letter 60 Days $50
Step 3: Final Demand Letter 105 Days $50
Step 4: Intent to Lien 135 Days $150
Step 5: Notice of Lien Filing 165 Days $300
Step 6: Collection Warning Alert & DAP 195 Days $375 CREDIT REPORTING –
The PSI Program will also report delinquent accounts to Equifax at no charge to the Association
or the Owner. The credit reporting process will also reward and build a positive credit history for
most owners who keep their accounts current and further motivate all owners to pay on time.
The Falls at Green Meadows Board of Trustee