New Recycling and Trash Pickup

Republic apparently couldn't make enough profit from our recyclables, especially glass and raised our rates last year. The City of Katy has a new contract with Texas Pride beginning 1 September.

Texas Pride will have an easier schedule (every Wednesday for every thing you dispose of) where Republic had recycling on the 2nd and 4th Thursday. As I write this, this Thursday is the 1st, after a 5th Thursday, making three weeks between pickups and lots of neighbors have their recycling bins out.

Pride will take #1 through #7 plastics - even the challenging #6 polystyrene plastics (like yogurt containers). As always, rinse things clean first and never bag your recycling. They consider pizza boxes and plastic grocery sacks contamination. They offer additional bins for $2/month and 2/3-sized bins for the same price. All this for 3/4 the price of Republic!

Texas Pride will bring you their cart during the last two weeks of August. Republic will pick up their cart during the last week of August.

Here are the things they take in recycling:

Here is their flyer for us: