Playground Poop

Bryan Wiggins wanted me to remind everyone that dog poop on the playground is gross. I have to agree.

No matter where you are, please pick up after your dog.


Playground Poop

Not only the playground but also around the lake where families like to picnic and fish.  Recently there were 17 different people brought their dogs around the lake to relieve themselves within a few hours.  HOW GROSS.


Bryan Wiggins

More Poop!

Even grosser is the *duck* poop that covers the sidewalks and the bridge! Those things really have some output!

I'll officially open nominations for someone to sew little duck diapers that would stay put on their wiggly feather tails.

I have it on good authority, though, that those ducks are even harder to toilet train than a two year old human.

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This is what I'm talking

This is what I'm talking about the guy at 2019 Summer gardens lane. Two dogs no leash relieving themselves and not picking up. So Sad